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  Dictionary Definition of bud

bud [1]
1. Botany a. a small axillary or terminal protuberance on a plant, containing rudimentary foliage ( leaf bud ), the rudimentary inflorescence ( flower bud ), or both ( mixed bud ). b. an undeveloped or rudimentary stem or branch of a plant. c. a vegetative outgrowth of yeasts and some bacteria.
2. Zoology (in certain animals of low organisation) a prominence which develops into a new individual, sometimes permanently attached to the parent and sometimes becoming detached; gemma.
3. Anatomy any small rounded part, as a tactile bud or a gustatory bud.
4. an immature or undeveloped person or thing.
-- verb ( budded, budding )
-- verb (i)
5. to put forth or produce buds, as a plant.
6. to begin to grow and develop.
7. to be in an early stage of development.
-- verb (t)
8. to cause to bud.
9. Horticulture to graft by inserting a single bud into the stock.
-- phrase
10. nip in the bud, to stop (something) before it gets under way.
[ME budde; origin uncert.]