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  Dictionary Definition of bore

bore [1]
verb ( bored, boring )

-- verb (t)
1. to pierce (a solid substance) or make (a round hole, etc.) with an auger, drill, or other rotated instrument.
2. to force by persistent forward thrusting.
3. Horseracing to push aside persistently; crowd out.
-- verb (i)
4. to make a hole, as with an auger or drill.
5. to admit of being pierced with an auger or the like, as a substance.
-- noun
6. a hole made by boring, or as if by boring.
7. a deep hole of small diameter bored to the aquifer of an artesian basin, through which water rises under hydrostatic pressure.
8. the inside diameter of a hollow cylindrical object or device, such as a bush or bearing, or the barrel of a gun.
-- phrase
9. bore into, a. to pierce as by drilling. b. to attack violently. c. to put great effort into.
10. bore it up someone, to upbraid; rebuke vehemently.
11. bore it up! ; bore it up you!, Colloquial (an offensive retort expressing contempt, dismissal).
[ME boren, OE borian, c. G bohren; akin to L forare pierce]