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  Dictionary Definition of boned

1. Anatomy, Zoology a. any of the separate pieces of which the skeleton of a vertebrate is composed. b. the hard tissue which composes the skeleton.
2. a bone or piece of a bone with the meat adhering to it, as an article of food.
3. ( plural ) the skeleton.
4. ( plural ) a body.
5. any of various similar substances, such as ivory, whalebone, etc.
6. something made of bone, or of a substance resembling bone.
7. a strip of whalebone used to stiffen corsets, etc.
8. a white colour with a touch of yellowish beige; the colour of dry bones.
9. ( plural ) ® dice (def. 1).
10. ( plural ) Theatre a. noisemakers of bone or wood used by a minstrel endman. b. an endman.
11. ® hambone.
-- verb (t) ( boned, boning )
12. to take out the bones of: to bone a fish.
13. to put whalebone into (clothing).
14. Agriculture to put ground bone into, as fertiliser.
15. Colloquial to steal.
-- phrase
16. bare bones, the essentials without any trimming: This brief synopsis is just the bare bones of Scott Frank's madly complicated script. -- WEST AUSTRALIAN, 1992.
17. bone up, Colloquial (often followed by on ) to study hard; acquire information.
18. close to the bone ; near the bone, indecent; risqué.
19. feel in one's bones, to understand intuitively.
20. have a bone to pick with, to have a point of dispute or a matter for complaint with.
21. make no bones about, to be absolutely frank about.
22. make old bones, Colloquial ( usually in the negative ) to live to an old age.
23. point the bone at, a. Colloquial to bring or wish bad luck upon. b. Colloquial to indicate a guilty person. c. Anthropology (among tribal Aborigines) to induce the death of (an allegedly guilty person) by pointing a bone at them.
24. the bone of contention, a matter which causes disagreement.
[ME boon, OE ban, c. G. Bein leg]
-- boned, adjective -- boneless, adjective --\plai
noun former name of Annaba. Also, Bona.