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  Dictionary Definition of bites

verb ( bit, bitten or bit, biting )

-- verb (t)
1. to cut into or wound, with the teeth: The dog bit me.
2. to grip with the teeth.
3. to sting, as an insect.
4. to cause to smart or sting.
5. to eat into or corrode, as an acid does.
6. Colloquial to trouble; worry; disturb: what's biting him?
7. Etching to use acid for eating into such parts of (a copper or other surface) as are left bare of a protective coating.
8. to make a great impression on: bitten by the love of music.
9. to take firm hold or act effectively on.
10. to cheat; deceive.
-- verb (i)
11. to cut into something with the teeth; snap.
12. to act effectively; grip; hold.
13. Angling (of fish) to bite on the bait.
14. Colloquial to accept a deceptive offer or suggestion.
15. Colloquial to react angrily: don't tease her, she bites.
-- noun
16. the act of biting.
17. a wound made by biting.
18. Dentistry the angle at which the upper and lower teeth meet.
19. a cutting, stinging, or nipping effect.
20. pungency; sharpness.
21. a small piece bitten off.
22. food: not a bite to eat.
23. a small meal.
24. a. Angling the pull on a fishing line which indicates that a fish is attempting to take the bait. b. Colloquial an expression of interest in a proposal.
25. Machinery a. the catch or hold that one object or one part of a mechanical apparatus has on another. b. a surface brought into contact to obtain a hold or grip, as in a lathe, chuck, or similar device.
26. (of a file) the roughness or power of abrasion.
27. NZ Colloquial a nagging person.
28. Colloquial a brazen attempt to borrow: put the bite on ; go the bite.
29. Colloquial a person from whom one anticipates borrowing money: he'd be a good bite.
30. a reaction: did you get a bite from Robin?
-- phrase
31. bite back, a. to restrain: She bit back her angry reply. b. Colloquial to reply sharply. c. to retaliate.