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  Dictionary Definition of bills

bill [1]
1. an account of money owed for goods or services supplied.
2. a slip or ticket showing the amount owed for goods consumed or purchased, especially in a restaurant.
3. Government. a form or draft of a proposed statute presented to a legislature, but not yet enacted or passed and made law.
4. a written or printed public notice or advertisement.
5. any written paper containing a statement of particulars: a bill of charges or expenditures.
6. a bill of exchange.
7. US. a piece of paper money; note.
8. Law a bill of indictment.
9. a printed theatre program or the like.
10. program; entertainment: there is a good bill at the theatre.
11. Obsolete an acknowledgment of debt; a promissory note.
-- verb (t)
12. to announce by bill or public notice: a new actor was billed for this week.
13. to schedule as part of a program.
14. to render an account of money owed.
[ME bille, from Anglo-L billa, var. of ML bulla seal (see BULL3) ]