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  Dictionary Definition of bigs

adjective ( bigger, biggest )
1. large in size, height, width, amount, etc.
2. filled; teeming: eyes big with tears.
3. loud: a big noise.
4. large in compass or conception; magnanimous; generous; liberal: a big heart, big gesture.
5. important in influence, standing, wealth, etc.: big business, a big financier.
6. haughty; pompous; boastful: big words, a big talker.
7. Colloquial strong; powerful: he's a big man in politics.
8. (of a wine) full-bodied, fruity.
9. Colloquial many: big dollars, big bikkies.
10. requiring large amounts of financial backing: big science.
11. ( euphemistic ) fat; overweight: a big woman.
12. important; significant: this is a big event for him.
-- adverb ( bigger, biggest )
13. Colloquial boastfully: to talk big.
14. Colloquial on a grand scale; liberally: to think big.
-- phrase
15. a big job, ( with children ) a. the act of defecating. b. the result of defecating; excrement.
16. be in big on, to be an important confidant or partner in, frequently, a commercial venture.
17. be in big with, to be highly favoured by.
18. big fish, Colloquial a ringleader or initiator.
19. big on, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about: big on wine.
20. big with child, pregnant.
21. Mr Big, an important and influential man, especially in crime.
22. the big one, a. the ultimate test or obstacle: this exam is the big one. b. the most important item in a set or list: I have many vices but smoking is the big one.
[ME; origin uncert.]
-- biggish, adjective -- bigness, noun