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  Dictionary Definition of bid

verb, bade or bad ( for defs 13 ) or bid ( for defs 47 and 1315 ), bidden or bid, bidding, noun

-- verb (t)
1. to command; order; direct: bid them depart.
2. to say as a greeting or benediction: to bid farewell.
3. to invite.
4. Commerce to offer, as a price at an auction or as terms in a competition to secure a contract.
5. Cards to enter a bid of a given quantity or suit; call: to bid two no-trumps.
-- verb (i)
6. to make an offer to purchase at a price.
7. Cards to make a bid: your turn to bid.
-- noun
8. the act of one who bids.
9. an offer, as at an auction.
10. the price or terms offered.
11. Cards a. the number of points or tricks a player undertakes to make. b. the turn of a person to bid.
12. an attempt to attain some goal or purpose: a bid for power.
-- phrase
13. bid fair to, to seem likely to.
14. bid in, Commerce to overbid all offers for (property) at an auction in order to retain ownership.
15. bid up, Commerce to increase (the market price) by increasing bids.
[ME bidde ( n ), OE ( ge ) bidden beg, ask, pray; sense devel. influenced by ME bede ( n ), OE beodan offer, proclaim, command]
-- bidder, noun