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  Dictionary Definition of bet

verb ( bet or betted, betting )

-- verb (t)
1. to pledge as a forfeit to another who makes a similar pledge in return, in support of an opinion; stake; wager: Well, I'll bet you a new saddle you take a gin before a twelvemonth's out -- KATHERINE SUSANNAH PRICHARD, 1929.
-- verb (i)
2. to lay a wager.
3. to make a practice of betting.
-- noun
4. a pledge of something to be forfeited, in case one is wrong, to another who has the opposite opinon.
5. that which is pledged.
6. Colloquial likelihood: what's the bet he'll be late?
7. a thing, person, or course of action on which to gamble or stake one's hopes: he's a bad bet.
-- phrase
8. bet London to a brick, Colloquial to be firmly convinced: Bet you London to a brick there will be a minority report -- WEST AUSTRALIAN, 1992.
9. you bet!, Colloquial (an exclamation of agreement, confirmation, etc.): You bet they were pleased -- God when I think of it now, the sigh of relief that must've gone up. -- SHIRLEY HAZZARD, 1980.
[origin uncert.]