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  Dictionary Definition of begs

verb ( begged, begging )
-- verb (t)
1. to ask for in charity; ask as alms.
2. to ask for, or of, with humility or earnestness, or as a favour: to beg forgiveness ; to beg him to forgive me.
3. to assume or demand permission (to say or do something): to beg to differ ; to beg to point out an error.
-- verb (i)
4. to ask alms or charity; live by asking alms.
5. (often followed by for ) to ask humbly or earnestly: to beg for help. --
-- phrase
6. beg off, to excuse oneself from: to beg off going to the pictures.
7. beg the question, a. to assume the very point raised in a question. b. to lead on to another logically connected issue: Saying that women should be paid to stay at home begs the question of who is to fund it. c. to evade the point at issue.
8. beg your pardon or beg yours, Colloquial (an exclamation of polite apology).
9. go begging, to be unwanted; be unclaimed: At the foot of the hill, the felled timber goes begging, none of it useful. -- DAVID FOSTER, 1981.
[ME beggen, OE bedecian ]