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  Dictionary Definition of bad

bad [1]
adjective ( worse, worst )
1. not good: bad conduct, a bad life.
2. defective; worthless: a bad coin, a bad debt.
3. unsatisfactory; poor; below standard; inadequate: bad heating, a bad businessman.
4. incorrect; faulty: a bad shot.
5. not valid; not sound: a bad claim.
6. having an injurious or unfavourable tendency or effect: bad air, bad for him.
7. in ill health; sick: to feel bad.
8. regretful; contrite; sorry; upset: to feel bad about an error.
9. unfavourable; unfortunate: bad news.
10. offensive; disagreeable; painful: a bad temper.
11. severe: a bad sprain.
12. rotten; decayed.
-- noun
13. that which is bad.
14. a bad condition, character, or quality.
-- adverb
15. badly.
-- phrase
16. bad at, unskilful or incompetent at (a specified activity): bad at tennis.
17. go bad, decay; rot.
18. go to the bad, to become morally ruined, wicked, or corrupt.
19. in bad with, Colloquial out of favour with.
20. not bad, Colloquial a. fair; not good. b. excellent.
21. to the bad, in deficit; out of pocket: two hundred dollars to the bad.
[ME badde; ? backformation from OE będdel effeminate person]
-- badness, noun