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  Dictionary Definition of away

1. from this or that place; off: to go away.
2. apart; at a distance: to stand away from the wall.
3. aside: turn your eyes away.
4. out of possession, notice, use, or existence: to give money away.
5. continuously; on: to blaze away.
6. without hesitation: fire away.
7. immediately; forthwith: right away.
-- adjective
8. absent: away from home.
9. distant: six kilometres away.
10. Colloquial on the move; having started; in full flight.
11. Colloquial in a state of uncontrollable excitement, hilarity, etc: the guests were well away.
12. Sport a. (played) on the opponents' ground. b. Racing of or relating to the outward or first half of the race.
-- interjection
13. away!, go away! depart!
-- phrase
14. away with...!, (a command to remove someone or something): Away with this man!
15. away with the fairies ; away with the pixies, Colloquial no longer in tune with reality.
16. do away with ; make away with, to put out of existence; get rid of; kill.
17. make away with, to run off with; steal.
[ME; OE aweg, earlier on weg on way]