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  Dictionary Definition of award

verb (t)
1. to adjudge to be due or merited; assign or bestow: to award prizes.
2. to bestow by judicial decree; assign or appoint by deliberate judgment, as in arbitration.
-- noun
3. something awarded, as a medal or prize.
4. Law a. the decision of arbitrators on points submitted to them. b. a decision after consideration; a judicial sentence.
5. Also, industrial award. a. the decision of an arbitrator regulating the future conduct of parties to an industrial dispute. b. the document embodying the findings of an arbitrator or industrial tribunal. c. what is awarded in terms of money, working conditions, etc., in such a document. See consent award.
-- adjective
6. of or relating to or governed by an award: award rate of pay ; award wages.
[ME awarde ( n ), from AF awarder, var. of esguarder observe, decide, from L: ex- EX-1 + guardare watch, guard, of Gmc origin]
-- awardable, adjective -- awarder, noun