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  Dictionary Definition of ask

verb (t)
1. to put a question to: ask him.
2. to seek to be informed about: to ask the way; (or, with a double object) to ask him the way.
3. to seek by words to obtain; request: to ask advice or a favour.
4. to solicit; request of (with a personal object, and with or without for before the thing desired): I ask you a great favour, ask him for advice.
5. to demand; expect: to ask a price for something.
6. to call for; require: the job asks time.
7. to invite: to ask guests.
8. Archaic. to publish (banns); publish the banns of (person).
-- verb (i)
9. to make inquiry; inquire: she asked after or about him.
-- phrase
10. ask for , to request or petition for: to ask for bread.
11. ask for it ; ask for trouble, Colloquial to behave so as to invite trouble.
12. ask someone out, to ask a member of the opposite sex to a social engagement.
13. I ask you!, (an exclamation indicating surprise, disgust, disdain etc.).
14. if you ask me, (a rhetorical phrase meaning 'in my opinion').
[ME asken, OE ascian, also acsian, c. OHG eiscon ]
-- asker, noun