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  Dictionary Definition of arse

Colloquial --noun
1. rump; bottom; buttocks; posterior.
2. a despised person.
3. impudence: What arse!
4. a woman considered as a sex object: She's a nice bit of arse.
-- phrase
5. arse about, a. in reverse or illogical order: He did the exercise completely arse about. b. Also, arse around. to act like a fool; waste time.
6. arse about face, changed in direction; back to front.
7. arse over tit ; arse over kettle ; arse over apex ; arse over turkey, fallen heavily and awkwardly, usually in a forward direction.
8. arse up, to spoil; cause to fail.
9. down on one's arse, out of luck; destitute.
10. give someone the arse, Colloquial a. to dismiss (someone), especially from employment. b. to reject or rebuff (someone).
11. smart arse, smart alec.
12. up Cook's arse, NZ (an expression of disgust).
[ME; OE ears ]