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  Dictionary Definition of arm

arm [1]
1. the upper limb of the human body from the shoulder to the hand.
2. this limb, exclusive of the hand.
3. the forelimb of any four-legged vertebrate.
4. some part of an organism like or likened to an arm.
5. any armlike part, as of a lever or of the yard ( yardarm ) of a ship.
6. a covering for the arm, as the sleeve of a garment.
7. a branch or subdivision of an organisation.
8. a projecting support for the forearm at the side of a chair, sofa, etc.
9. an inlet, or cove: an arm of the sea.
10. power; might; strength; authority: the arm of the law.
-- verb (t)
11. Archaic. to escort arm in arm.
-- phrase
12. an arm and a leg, Colloquial a great deal of money: The meal cost an arm and a leg.
13. arm in arm, with arms linked; close together.
14. at arm's length, at a distance, yet almost within reach.
15. chance one's arm, Colloquial to take a risk.
16. in arms, carried in the arms, as a child; unready; not yet independent or fully developed.
17. with open arms, cordially.
[OE arm, earm, c. G Arm, L armus shoulder, Greek harmós joint]
-- armless, adjective -- armlike, adjective