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  Dictionary Definition of anchor

1. a device for holding boats, vessels, floating bridges, etc., in place.
2. any similar device for holding fast or checking motion.
3. a metallic strap or belt built into masonry to hold facing or other materials.
4. a means of stability: hope is his anchor.
5. Military a key defensive position.
6. ( plural ) Colloquial brakes: hit the anchors.
-- verb (t)
7. to hold fast by an anchor.
8. to fix or fasten; affix firmly.
-- verb (i)
9. to drop anchor.
10. to lie or ride at anchor.
11. to keep hold or be firmly fixed.
12. Colloquial to take up residence (in a place); settle.
-- phrase
13. at anchor, held still by an anchor; anchored.
14. cast anchor, to put down or drop the anchor.
15. weigh anchor, to take up the anchor.
16. swallow the anchor, Colloquial (of a sailor) to settle down on shore.
[ME anker, ancre, OE ancor, from L ancora, from Greek ánkyra ]
-- anchorless, adjective