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  Dictionary Definition of air

1. a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, which surrounds the earth and forms its atmosphere.
2. a movement of the atmosphere; a light breeze.
3. Obsolete breath.
4. circulation; publication; publicity: to give air to one's ideas.
5. the general character or complexion of anything; appearance.
6. the peculiar look, appearance, and bearing of a person.
7. ( plural ) affected manner; manifestation of pride or vanity; assumed haughtiness: to put on airs.
8. Music a. a tune; a melody. b. the soprano or treble part. c. an aria. d. an Elizabethan song.
9. Radio the medium through which radio waves are sent.
-- verb (t)
10. to expose to the air; give access to the open air; ventilate.
11. to expose to warm air; to dry with heated air: to air sheets.
12. to expose ostentatiously; bring into public notice; display: to air one's opinions or theories.
-- phrase
13. air and exercise, Obsolete Colloquial a gaol sentence.
14. clear the air, to eliminate dissension, ambiguity, or tension from a discussion, situation, etc.
15. give oneself airs, to behave in a conceited, haughty or high-handed manner.
16. in the air, a. without foundation or actuality; visionary or uncertain. b. in circulation. c. undecided or unsettled (often preceded by up ).
17. into thin air, completely or entirely out of sight or reach.
18. off the air, a. Also, off air. no longer being broadcast; not on the air. b. Colloquial incapacitated as a result of taking drugs or alcohol. c. Colloquial in a dreamy or vague state of mind, as if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
19. on air ; on the air, in the act of broadcasting; being broadcast.
20. take the air, to go out of doors; walk or ride a little distance.
21. walk on air ; tread on air, to feel very happy or elated.
[ME ayre, eir, from OF air, from L aer, from Greek: air, mist]
noun a former native kingdom in Niger, in Africa, consisting of a plateau and oasis region in the Sahara. About 77700 km2. Also, Asben.