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  Dictionary Definition of aim

verb (t)
1. to give a certain direction and elevation to (a gun or the like), for the purpose of causing the projectile, when the weapon is discharged, to hit the object.
2. to direct or point (something) at something: the satire was aimed at the Church
-- verb (i)
3. to level a gun; give direction to a blow, missile, etc.
4. to strive; try: to aim to save every month.
5. to direct efforts towards an object: to aim high, at the highest.
6. Colloquial to intend: she aims to go tomorrow.
7. Obsolete to estimate; guess.
-- noun
8. the act of aiming or directing anything at or towards a particular point or object.
9. the direction in which a missile is pointed; the line of sighting: to take aim.
10. the point intended to be hit; thing or person aimed at.
11. something intended or desired to be attained by one's efforts; purpose.
12. Obsolete conjecture; guess.
[ME ayme ( n ), from OF ( a ) esmer, from L ( ad ) aestimare estimate]
-- aimer, noun