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  Dictionary Definition of add

verb (t)
1. to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance: to add another stone to the pile.
2. Also, add up. to find the sum of: When they came to add up his service he was short by one day. -- DAVID IRELAND, 1971.
3. to say or write further.
-- verb (i)
4. Also, add up. to perform the arithmetical operation of addition: He could not add up. -- PETER CAREY, 1988.
5. add in, to include.
6. add to, to be or serve as an addition to: to add to one's grief.
7. add up, a. to make the desired or expected total: the Press commentators find that they are talking about statistics that don't always add up. -- GEOFFREY BLAINEY, 1984. b. Colloquial to make sense, be logically consistent: the facts don't add up.
8. add up to, to amount to: We've looked at a whole host of aspects and they all add up to an ugly outlook for banks. -- WEST AUSTRALIAN, 1992.
[ME adde ( n ), from L addere ]
-- addableaddible, adjective