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  Dictionary Definition of ace

1. a single spot or mark on a card or die.
2. Cards a playing card marked with a single spot, in most games counting as highest, lowest, or either, in its suit.
3. Dice a die or the face of a die marked with a single spot.
4. (in tennis, badminton, etc.) a. a legal serve which the opponent fails to touch. b. the point thus scored.
5. a highly skilled person; an adept: Grand Prix motorcycle ace Michael Doohan led the Australian charge in the opening practice session -- WEST AUSTRALIAN, 1991.
6. a fighter pilot credited with shooting down a number, usually five or more, of enemy aeroplanes.
7. Colloquial the anus.
-- adjective
8. Colloquial excellent; first in quality; outstanding.
-- verb (t)
9. (in tennis, badminton, etc.) to serve an ace (def. 4a) to (an opponent): she's aced him twice in this game.
-- phrase
10. ace it ; ace it up, Colloquial a. to be quiet: Ace it! b. to stop it: I told him to ace it up.
11. on one's ace, Colloquial on one's own; alone.
12. within an ace of, Colloquial on the point of: at one moment he had been within an ace of picking up his hat and stalking out. -- HENRY HANDEL RICHARDSON, 1917.
[ME as, from OF, from L, supposedly from dialectal Greek, var. of Greek heís one]
after the Common Era: 50 ACE. See Common Era.